Agenda: Discussion and deliberation on the persecution of religious minorities.

The United Nations General Assembly Third Committee also known as the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is one of six main committees at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Founded in 1945 after the establishment of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the committee deals with human rights, humanitarian affairs and social matters. The Committee also discusses questions relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, and the right to self- determination. Unlike most other bodies of the General Assembly, the work of the Third Committee does not begin with a general debate between its members. Instead, its agenda items are debated individually from the beginning of the session. The membership of the SOCHUM includes all 193 member states. In addition, non-member states and other entities recognized by the UN as permanent observers may attend and participate in meetings, but they cannot vote.


Executive Board

Arvind Krishnan

SOCHUM Chairperson


SOCHUM Vice Chairperson

Ajan Sendhil

SOCHUM Director